Find corporate and tax law professionals

Founded and based in New York and Budapest, is a powerful community platform

Widgets for your website

With Blogvio you have access to a suite of beautiful, interactive and brandable widgets

Read news with Newzmate

Newzmate is a news reading service that aggregates news around real-life events. So you

Create your own website with Pikock

Pikock ’s aim is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve worldwide recognition through

Create great-looking websites easily with Snaplive

Snaplive is an easy-to-use, open source website software (CMS). You can create websites easily

E-learning platform for schools and organizations

Scholica provides a platform for schools and organizations to create and manage their own

Share products you find in a store with your friends

The Tagoodies app offers a simple way to store any product, anywhere. No matter what

Scheduling software in the cloud

Lineless is a scheduling software in the cloud that helps offline businesses managing their

Rent sport and tourist equipment from people around you is a marketplace, where you can rent sport and tourist equipment from other people.

Taxi dispatch and fleet management in the cloud

Online bookings have become a part of our everyday life. Weather it is for

Create step-by-step tutorials for your customers

myTips is an online software that helps site owners to create interactive on-screen tutorials. It

Direct Invoice: Online invoicing application

Direct Invoice is a cloud based invoicing application that helps you manage your business.

Lively lets you share photos and text together

Lively is a social sharing app that lets you share photos and text together.

Video chat for remote teams is a video chat platform that helps to bring together the members of

Learn how to code with CodeTuts

CodeTuts is a new educational website that helps you to learn how to code.

Online social community for musicians and music studios is an online social community for musicians and music studios. The aim of the

Run online subscription service with, aDutch startup offers a new and easy way for entrepreneurs to run their

Gorgeous movie suggestions by Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a new mobile app that helps you to choose movies to